A same day sale isn’t always due to a “hot market”. It may mean your home was priced too low. When we meet with sellers, we do two things. First, we find out what your house is worth (by doing actual market research and not just guessing) and then we find out what is most important to you, selling it for the most money or selling it quick. Folks usually fall in the first category and that’s where we shine! Ask us for comps and we can show you just how much more we make our clients!

Larger and more expensive homes take special marketing and usually extra time to sell. Staging an empty home or making changes on an outdated home can be necessary, but can bring you so much more money. Security is another issue, so we are willing to attend all showings of your property as well as make sure buyers are pre-qualified prior to the viewing.

In this rapidly growing market, that same research that we do in residential sales is also used in commercial sales and leasing, so that you get the best deal, whether you are a buyer or a seller. Property management of professional space is another service we offer. Partnering with professionals such as surveyors, soil scientists, land clearing companies, engineers, etc helps us help you get things done, especially when you have raw land that would be perfect for subdividing.

A lot goes into qualifying clients for their first new home. If a credit score is low, a good lender will review and make suggestions on what can be done to make the score higher. If this isn’t done by the right person, it can often make credit scores worse. Buyers are then advised on a price range that fits their personal budget and then the search for that perfect home begins.

Statistically speaking, divorce will hit 1 out of 2 marriages, and rather than having a forced sale through the courts, choosing an agent that works well with all parties is your best bet and will keep legal expense down. Both DeAnna and Claude have been attorney and court appointed several times to handle these kinds of sales in Davidson and Wilson Counties and are happy to give references. It’s a stressful time and calm, quiet experience counts. Estate liquidation also takes experience in subdividing property or knowing when an auction might or might not be best. We work with local auctioneers when that is the best route.

With the high market demand and low inventory of homes to purchase, there is a great need for rentals. Most owners/investors don’t have the time or desire to manage properties. Real estate agents have access to leases, interview and process potential renters, collect rents, and handle repairs, making the business of being a landlord much easier.

Knowing the ins and outs of horse farms comes from direct knowledge of the breed. Equestrian experience is invaluable in the agent who is hired to market your horse farm and our agents Debbie Graham and Bekah Bond have that experience. That same knowledge also makes the process of purchasing one much smoother as well.

With Mengelberg Construction and DeAnna Dodd Designs in house, we are here to help with building, remodeling, decorating and staging. Between the two, there is a lot of remodeling experience if you need help after purchasing your own fixer upper. We have access to electricians, plumbers, painters, drywall installers, etc which will make your remodeling job much easier.

Sometimes bad things happen to good people due to financial stress or illness. Knowing how to help with foreclosures and short sales is important to your credit surviving. We work well with lenders on solutions for these type of issues. If you are a buyer looking for a HUD home in foreclosure, then call Call Tammy Maynard!